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I Am A Blogger: CWBN 2017 Recap

The last weekend in March I had the great pleasure of attending a real life blogging conference! Like a real blogger!
Cathedral of St. Paul

JacquiAnna and Susanna hosted the Catholic Women's Blogging Network Twin Cities get together at a stunning Summit Avenue mansion in St. Paul. Thirty-some wonderful Catholic women from the Twin Cities, the Midwest, and even Maryland joined up to talk blogging and really just to support each other and build each other up.

My friend Monica encouraged me to go, and I signed up on a bit of a whim, figuring that if I paid for registration I'd be more inclined to go. If I didn't have a mutual friend link to one of the organizers, and if a couple of my most favoritest bloggers hadn't been speakers, I'd probably have chickened out. 

In response to my evident nerves on the way, my husband wisely mused, "Well, if you're going to walk into a group of people you don't know, this is probably the best group you could pick." Catholic. Women. From the Midwest. Correct. 

The hostesses were so welcoming and friendly, and it turned out there were plenty of other women there who didn't know anyone and haven't yet found their voices as bloggers, and so I had some solidarity sisters in that regard. 

Photo courtesy of Katzie Truso Photography. 

I've got pages of notes to ruminate on. So much happened there, with a powerhouse lineup of speakers, headshots (whaaa?) fantastic meals, and Mass at the stunning St. Paul Cathedral. 

Nell from Whole Parenting Family talked about practical tips for blogging and creating a social media presence, writing authentically, and monetizing the blog. My foremost takeaway from her was to be authentic, and that there is a supportive community here for all of us, not just the big name bloggers. If ever I'd met someone with a gift for welcoming and hospitality, it's Nell! 

Laura from Mothering Spirit gave us concrete tips for improving our writing with practical tips and insights into what writing looks like in her daily life. She stressed the importance of editing and discussed vulnerability in blogging. I can't wait to dig into one of her books, Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting soon! 

Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas and the Fountains of Carrots podcast discussed her blogging journey from hobby to helping provide for her family. She asked questions which we can use to find our voice in blogging, and best of all for me, gave us permission to be there, whether we have twenty readers or thousands. 

I loved visiting the Cathedral, just minutes away from the conference location. I met so many people, took home a pretty sweet swag bag and won one of the best door prizes a bookworm can get.
Books. And they're all mine!
Also a rosary from

So for now, I haven't quite found my voice, but I have found a renewed interest in writing, whether it is journaling, correspondence, interaction with online communities, or here on the blog. I don't think I'll go back to the daily gratitude posts at this point, but all things are possible. Pray for me and for direction for my teeny corner of Ye Olde Internet! We'll see what comes of it. 

Right now, I'd rather be reading, honestly. But they say good writers are readers, and so maybe that's just what I'm supposed to be doing. I hope good writers are also people who watch a ton of Instagram stories. Because then there's a chance for me! 

Pictures from the conference below are all courtesy of Katzie Truso Photography (used with permission). More information on sponsors and some of the sweet stuff in our swag bags can be found through the link up - visit Jacqui here!

Some of the goods for sale from Whole Parenting Goods

Rosary bracelets from Chews Life. I have one and love it!
She also has fantastic chewable necklaces and rosaries for your babes. 

There I am (upper L) intently listening! 

Such great details!

The setting was perfect! 


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