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I Mondayed!

I loved this post by Kendra at the Lazy Genius Collective: 10 Ways to Beast Your Monday. I'm new to following her and she's great, especially on Instagram stories. I love her philosophy, "Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't." I working this year on figuring out what that means for me, but I in the mean time I accidentally stumbled on a way to beast my Monday. 

A couple weeks ago I made a massive to do list for the week on a blank page of my planner. I didn't actually assume I'd get through them all that week, but I got them out of my head. It turned out that I was able to get through all but a couple of them during Monday's nap time and I felt so empowered! I was able to let myself off the hook for the rest of the week because of a couple of productive hours on Monday. I wish I could say that I developed the habit of killing it every Monday right then and there, but I didn't. 
Today's to do list wasn…

Overwhelmed by Information

We are experiencing crazy nice weather for North Dakota February. Today it was in the 40s so I took the kids out to play. We were out about 75 minutes. It wasn't many minutes into watching them shovel, throw ice chunks, and wander around that I got a little bored. I purposely left my phone upstairs (SO NOBLE, RIGHT?) but I found myself wishing I'd have brought my book.

Then it struck me that I have information flowing into my brain almost constantly, and that I actually needed some time to wander around with no phone, no book, no radio, etc. I love reading, so much so that I'll read darn near anything. Kindergarten newsletter? Check. Junk mail? Sure. Random article shared on Facebook that I know will make my blood boil? Probably, if I'm bored enough. If I'm not reading, I'm usually listening. The radio or TV is on in the background, or I automatically throw on a podcast or audiobook if I have any amount of alone time for a walk or a drive.

There is information …

Super Bowl LI

I know Thursday  Friday is too late to review the Super Bowl. I do. But I'm doing it anyway, because I jotted down some notes while watching it and darn it, I'm going to put them to good use.

We were grateful that the game was on our only network channel, FOX, and so we could stay home for it. That worked out well because several of us, myself included, felt like crap. We laid low, the baby napped in a football uniform, and we ate the spicy Doritos I bought accidentally.  I didn't catch many commercials in their entirety because I have kids and they insisted on playing football in front of the TV while I was trying to watch football ON the TV.

I like football. I really enjoy watching it and I'm glad the kids like it. I don't care much for either of the teams, and I do like a good game. But if I have to choose between a good game and the Patriots losing, I'd choose the Patriots losing. Womp. I can't figure out exactly why I don't like Tom Brady. I mean, …

Wednesday Yarn Along

I had another post in draft about how hashtags don't do that much and I feel like contacting the White House, the VP, the First Lady and my state's senators (which I did) is actually more productive than sharing memes and hashtags on social media, but this is way more fun!
I follow @ginnysheller on Instagram and I totally love all of her photos. Plus, she has a most adorable baby named Mabel, so I can barely even handle that. I can only aspire to her knitting prowess, but I thought it would be fun to link up with her Wednesday Yarn Along post anyway. Her blog posts are always worth reading, too, for what it's worth. She is thoughtful and wise and I'm always glad when I've read one of her posts.  
I'm not working on anything fancy, knitting-wise, just a dishcloth to replace some that are wearing out. Color: Caribbean, because winter. I'm a little more into reading than knitting right now so this easy project is just right. 
My dear middle son is begging me …