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Day 57: Seven Quick Takes

I'm cranky right now. Number 1 had a rough afternoon. Well, I had a rough afternoon because  he doesn't think he needs to be nice to his brothers or listen to me at all. But I did have several moments of gratitude earlier, before our day went south.

I couldn't think of anything that, on its own, was postworthy. So I think I'll do a 7 Quick Takes-type post. I'm not linking up, because I'm not a real blogger. 

Things I am Grateful for Today: 
  1. Voices of Reason. I'm catching up on the podcasts of the Jennifer Fulwiler show, and the one I heard today was another really good one. Check it out here. Jen tells her interesting story of a health issue that means she should not have any more kids. She talks with one of my favorite Catholic apologists/speakers/authors/radio show hosts, Patrick Madrid, about the recent blow up over some comments the Pope did or did not make on an airplane. Patrick's interview starts at about 32 minutes in and it is definitely worth listening to. He is always a voice of reason, and he explains things simply and clearly. He and Jennifer Fulwiler are both so smart and well-educated and solid in their thought process,
  2. Humane Vitae. Also, if you're interested and haven't yet read it, here's a link to Humanae Vitae, which Patrick and Jennifer discuss on the podcast. It's not long, so don't be intimidated by the Latin title or the fact that it is Papal Encyclical. It is really very good and everyone should read it. Pope Paul VI is pretty much spot on for today, even though he wrote it in 1968.
  3. North Dakota State Hockey Tournament. I know Minnesota is the "state of hockey" but the ND State Hockey Tournament is on TV this weekend. We don't have cable, or Netflix, or Hulu or anything. What we do have is an antenna, so we get the 4 networks and a handful of other channels, so not a lot of decent options for television viewing. Even when we did have cable, we loved state tournament season! It's exciting to follow ND high school sports, especially the upcoming class "B" basketball tournaments. This tournament is just a precursor to our March weekends, which are filled with exciting high school basketball! 
  4. Pandora Toddler Radio. I listen to a lot of "my" music with the kids, but now and then we turn on Pandora's Toddler Radio station. We listened to it for a long time playing downstairs. It's fun to dance around and act silly with the kids during songs they know from school or daycare or Frozen. Kid music can be annoying, but it's also a good mood boost!
  5. Leinie's Cocoa Berry Shandy. We got a Leinie's sampler pack solely because it had the Cranberry Ginger Shandy, which I discovered through a sister-in-law at Christmas time. It's heavenly. The sampler also came with Cocoa Berry, which sounds gross to me. I do not mix chocolate and fruit. I just can't. The first one I tried underwhelmed me. But one day I needed some chocolate so I broke down and had another one and I've been hooked ever since. By Friday night (ok, every night) I usually desire a beer to help me wind down. I'm on my last one, and I am not grateful that I just carelessly spilled half of it all over the couch and carpet. Eye roll. 
  6. Harmonica. I'm pretty sure this one actually is worthy of its own post someday. I heard a song by James Taylor with a bit of harmonica today and got to thinking about how awesome that sound is. What a versatile instrument; it works in country, jazz, folk, and rock and roll. I think harmonica is my favorite instrument to hear. 
  7. Amazon delivery. I ordered the boys new Spiderman and Batman underwear (a big deal here), a story book, and the baby a couple new sippy cups on Wednesday and they showed up this afternoon. I love knowing exactly when my goods will arrive. Amazon has also tainted me into struggling very much to pay for shipping when I order online anywhere else.
So there are my gratitude takes for the day. I hope you found something to be thankful for today!


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