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Week 3: Inauguration Day!

I just know the internet is dying to read my thoughts on today's Washington, D.C., festivities, right? Right? I'm mostly refraining from scrolling Facebook today, because I pretty much know how most of my friends feel about our new President, in office lo these last few hours, and I actually give zero craps about what celebrities are sharing on Twitter.

I hadn't even planned on watching any of it, because listening to almost any Washington politician or pundit talk makes me throw up in my mouth a little. But I talked to my mom this morning and she mentioned how interesting everything was to watch, so once the boys were done binging on Curious George, I flipped on our one network channel (Fox), about 45 minutes before President Trump was sworn in.

My first and most prominent thought is in regards to all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the transfer of power. There are times when stuff like that makes me roll my eyes, but it didn't at all today. I loved it! Our culture seems to have lost a sense of reverence and awe for almost anything, because we can be satisfied with whatever we want so quickly. I respect the protocols that are taken and the formality of this affair. It is good for Americans to watch. The solemnity and formality attract me during this time in which people wear pajama pants and sports jerseys to church.

I am aware that in so many countries throughout the world, power cannot be transferred from one man or one party to another in this way. I'm certainly also aware that violence, division and protesting are taking place right now off the cameras. It's disappointing, but expected, I suppose. I do appreciate at least the semblance of respect between the Obamas and the Trumps, just as I felt at the Bush-to-Obama transition. If only their respective supporters could treat each other the same way. If only!

Regardless of which way you vote or which issues are your passions, the office of the President of the United States deserves some respect, and I wish more realized that. It's a job not many people want, and no doubt one of the most difficult. It's not up to me to judge the hearts of those people in power, but whether or not I agree with them, I do believe they go into with with good intentions. It's my duty to pray for them and give them a chance to do their jobs.

I didn't hear much of President Trump's address because I was answering many questions about the Dallas Cowboys. I take speeches like that with a grain or two of salt anyway. One comment I did hear is that his administration is going to end terrorism. Yay! That made me not regret missing most of what he said.

I would love to high five an elected official who owns up to the fact that he or she may not have all the answers, but will put in a good faith effort to find them, to work with the right people, I would love to hear a promise, not of an exact thing that will happen, but that he or she has the common good in mind, that some sort of moral code is governing their hearts. I guess we'll keep waiting for these things, but the fact is, Trump won the election and we need to give him a chance, in my humble opinion.

Throughout the coverage, I felt simultaneously solemn, excited, nervous and proud. I will hereby admit to tearing up a bit during the swearing in of the President and Vice President, and also while explaining some of the goings on to the boys. Not because I'm a Trump supporter, but because I'm an American, and it's an important day no matter your views. I'm proud of my country and her potential.

Other thoughts:

  • Melania's ensemble for the inauguration was stunning. Loved it. Once she was inside and just wearing the dress part I was underwhelmed, but overall, I'm super glad she didn't don some sort of weird pantsuit. 
  • Michelle Obama's coat was beautiful, too. She isn't my favorite, but her sense of style is spot on. I've always enjoyed seeing her clothes and I appreciate the fact that some of the stuff she wears comes from "real people" stores like J. Crew and Target. She dresses beautifully. 
  • I've still never been to Washington, D.C., and I really need to go. It looks so fascinating. 
  • I'm two days in to a renewed devotion to pray for our country and it's elected and appointed officials. Join me! Also, please hold me accountable. 
  • I look forward to seeing how Trump ages these next four years. I think President Obama aged way more than eight years so it should be interesting to see what happens to a guy who looks as...unique as Trump does.

America's Team! So it totally fits with this post.
I have all sorts of high quality, recommended books
from the library, and these NFL ones are the only
ones a certain someone is interested in. 'Merica.


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