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Year 2, Week 1 Gratitude

Trying to link up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes. I've never done it before, because I'm not a real blogger, but it's a new year and I'm drinking peach whisky and orange juice, so I'm really living on the edge. You can read Kelly's fantastic blog, and link to other great blogs there as well. Once you're done here, I mean.

1. Earlier this week, I drafted up a post all about the feeling of refreshment, about how the new year brings me a sense of feeling refreshed. Or maybe that was just how I felt upon returning home from our 9-day, 2-state, 950-mile Christmas bender. Before I had time to publish the post, I was back my usual grumpiness and figured it wasn't "authentic" of me to post such a happy piece when I was actually a grouch. Although I don't really have New Years resolutions to post, I really do enjoy the excitement surrounding a new year and its potential. I'm still trying to take a moment each day to acknowledge gratitude, but I have to say, not trying to do a post on the daily has been a bit of a relief for me. I'm an obliger, after all, and so I was let off the hook after publishing post 366! Ye olde blog might be in the throes of an identity crisis, so stay tuned to see what 2017 brings.

Happy 1997! No? I'm a little late, but that's fine. I like it so far. 

2. In 2016, I resurrected reading as an important aspect of my life. I will continue to prioritize reading in 2017, but I think I'm going to add knitting to my list of hobbies that I'd like to reintroduce. I've never given up knitting all together, but I usually only do it in the winter, and when reading is a priority, knitting falls by the wayside. I'm not sure how to do both, but I do want to keep knitting all year round,and branch out past hats, mittens, and dishcloths. Maybe a blanket? Or a sweater? Time will tell.
Color: Caribbean, because it's -12 and January sucks. 

3. Speaking of knitting, I started a dishcloth tonight, since I'm a little sick of hats. I had to weed through my needle collection to find the right size, and that little task made me smile. I inherited most of my needles and some other equipment from my grandmother-in-law. She shared my interest in knitting, and had some great books, needles and other supplies she was happy to share with me. She was a saucy Irish Canadian-turned-Minnesotan, and it's hard for me to believe she died five years ago already. I got along great with her, and so appreciated the close relationship she shared with my husband. I like to think she would have liked my own feisty grandmother. I'm grateful that these knitting needles make me think of her, and that if I continue to knit throughout the year, I'll think of her more, too.

4. We got the kids a used Wii for Christmas. We're stuck in this apartment for now, and they don't have much room or freedom to run. We thought the activity would be good for them, since they all love sports and need something to do. The jury is still out on whether this was a good decision, though, because they are hyper-competitive and throw major (MAJOR!!) screaming, crying hissy fits when they lose. Or even when someone scores a point or gets a first down in Madden football. If anything, though, my husband and I are having fun playing it in the evenings after people go to bed, so we'll keep it for now.

5. I follow a few bloggers on Instagram whose blogs I don't have in my Feedly app, so I don't always see their posts. One of them is Dwija from House Unseen, Life Unscripted. I started following her last spring when she had a precious little preemie, Helen, and I really think she's great. Her style is right up my alley. Someone on Instagram tipped me off that she is writing 12 posts for the 12 days of Christmas. Of course, I read them all today and enjoyed them sooooo much. Check here out here. 

6. I've already proclaimed Father Nathan Goebel of the Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast to be my spirit animal, and I stand by that. But my other spirit animal is Jenny Uebbing from Mama Needs Coffee. I am allowed two spirit animals, because they are both awesome and I want to be like them when I grow up. Jenny writes what I think I would like to write, if me could make the sentences right. Her latest post is on point: If It's So Good, Why Is It So Hard? Yes, yes, yes.

There's me at the front door, picking up the tiny package.
For real. 

7. It wasn't just Christmas shopping. I went on a bit of a spending spree in late 2016. There was the Noonday Collection party, some LulaRoe escapades, all in the name of supporting other women, right? There was some essential oils (yeah, I'm dabbling) and some Kindle deals and Amazon impulse buys. I'm sure there was a book and one or 10 lattes. My kid drew a picture whose description to dad included, "and there's mom opening the door to get a package." So it was pretty clear that my checkbook called for a January spending freeze. It's a total first-world, spoiled brat problem to have, and a freeze is doing me good. In the last six days, I've been tempted a number of times to order an ebook or a beauty product, and have felt a twinge of sadness at my empty mailbox. But it's good for me! I have more than most people in the world do, and I don't need anything more. I hope January teaches me to be more intentional about my spending (at least what I spend on myself). Since I have already mentioned that I'm an obliger, I thought I'd have a better chance of success if I posted it here and my throngs of readers can hold me to it (lookin' at you, M).

Happy Epiphany, whether you celebrate today or Sunday. Chalk up that door! Cheers to the new year!


  1. Sometimes I think of trying to pick up knitting. I could have my dad teach me. He knows how to knit. Yeah seriously.

    1. Oh mum gosh. I can't picture it! Tim! Please send me a video.


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