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Super Bowl LI

I know Thursday  Friday is too late to review the Super Bowl. I do. But I'm doing it anyway, because I jotted down some notes while watching it and darn it, I'm going to put them to good use.
Ponder. Heh. 

We were grateful that the game was on our only network channel, FOX, and so we could stay home for it. That worked out well because several of us, myself included, felt like crap. We laid low, the baby napped in a football uniform, and we ate the spicy Doritos I bought accidentally.  I didn't catch many commercials in their entirety because I have kids and they insisted on playing football in front of the TV while I was trying to watch football ON the TV.

I like football. I really enjoy watching it and I'm glad the kids like it. I don't care much for either of the teams, and I do like a good game. But if I have to choose between a good game and the Patriots losing, I'd choose the Patriots losing. Womp. I can't figure out exactly why I don't like Tom Brady. I mean, I bet if I met him, I'd find him perfectly nice. But I probably never will so I can go on disliking him for vague reasons.

Without further ado, my thoughts:
  • I teared up when all the football players shook hands with President and Barbara Bush after the coin toss. I truly did. It was probably my favorite moment of the whole show.
  • Why can't the game be at a respectable time like 2 or 3? Why? We were bored all day and then the kids stayed up an hour and a half late. 
  • I don't really like Cam Newton, but for reasons I can't explain, I always sort of like his commercials. The pee-wee football one was alright, but I can't get the clip to work. 
  • Probably my favorite commercial was the Christoper Walken and Justin Timberlake one. Because I like both of them. And I love N'SYNC. I ain't afraid to say it, either. 

  • Oh I also liked the Humpty Dumpty TurboTax hospital one. Yes.

  • I skipped Lady Gaga. She's pretty low on my list of people I'm interested in seeing perform, although I am well aware that she has real talent. I just figured it would be a political "statement" thing and I didn't want to deal with that on a full stomach of chili and hot dogs. I've seen bits and pieces and it appears it was fine, but nothing I regret not displaying in front of the boys. 
  • Of course, the kids stopped playing football in front of the TV and entertained themselves nicely in a different room as soon as half time started. We watched The Jeffersons on our other channel. 
  • I didn't jot down any notes in the second half. I guess it was kind of boring until the big comeback, so I was either engaged in my knitting or enthralled by the epic comeback. 
Aaaand that's it. My sensitive, football-loving child had to leave the room when the game went into OT, because we all knew that meant Tom Brady would win again. Wompety womp. Anyway, we had a good time and now Sunday afternoons throughout the rest of the winter will be (more) lame and (more) boring. 


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