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I Mondayed!

I loved this post by Kendra at the Lazy Genius Collective: 10 Ways to Beast Your Monday. I'm new to following her and she's great, especially on Instagram stories. I love her philosophy, "Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't." I working this year on figuring out what that means for me, but I in the mean time I accidentally stumbled on a way to beast my Monday. 

A couple weeks ago I made a massive to do list for the week on a blank page of my planner. I didn't actually assume I'd get through them all that week, but I got them out of my head. It turned out that I was able to get through all but a couple of them during Monday's nap time and I felt so empowered! I was able to let myself off the hook for the rest of the week because of a couple of productive hours on Monday. I wish I could say that I developed the habit of killing it every Monday right then and there, but I didn't. 

Today's to do list wasn't nearly as long as the one from a couple weeks ago, but it existed nonetheless. I wasn't feeling the best, so aside from a few loads of laundry, I let all the housework fall by the wayside and didn't feel bad about it at all even though the place was trashed. After my prayer time and a chapter of my book, I sat down with my laptop and decided to just power through a bunch of boring, tedious computer tasks that have been piling up over the last couple of weeks. I did the banking, the flex claim, ordered a gift, and a bunch of other small tasks the I put off because they are lame. 

I feel so energized when I see a bunch of little check marks in the "to do" section of my planner! I love it! It's not the same way Kendra beasts Monday, but it works for me and I hope the keep it up. I am trying to use Wednesday nap times as all "me" time since the big boys are both at school. It's so much easier to do that when I have had a productive Monday. It certainly doesn't help that we made some wild, rowdy boys do a speed clean on the house after supper, either. I have 39 pages left of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and so I must now excuse myself. 


  1. I redound you! First of all, I really can't believe you are reading Harry Potter.😬 Nothing I read is worthwhile so I guess it's okay.
    Second of all, if I made a to do list, it would be 800 miles long. I was proud of myself for getting 10 loads of laundry done, one bathroom, supper and kitchen floor scrubbed in two days while home with a sick kid. I did make cookies one day and muffins today for after school snack. Maybe if I didn't feel like poop, I could have enjoyed it more.
    So glad you are productive...sure wish I was. I guess if getting two social butterflies to where they need to be counts, I do something! Chat soon.


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