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Day 95: Roommate!

It happens on lots of days, but on every April fourth I'm always grateful for my roommate! It would be easy to assume I mean one of the people who currently lives with me, but I actually mean my college roommate, Maren, whom I haven't lived with in 11 years!

We lived together for three years in small sorority house rooms, as well as a summer at the fraternity house across the street and a summer in an apartment after graduation. We referred to each other as roommate or RM or any number of other terms of endearment that made our friends roll their eyes. I didn't send her a birthday card (because I forgot) for the first time in.... well, probably she only got a birthday text. And this gratitude post! Happy Birthday, RM!

A lawyer by trade, RM currently stays at home with her three kids under 5, so even though we live almost 200 miles apart, we still have a lot in common. It pains me that we are not next door neighbors raising our kids to be little besties, but I know she'll be my RM forever! Ours is a long history, which apparently includes many unflattering pictures! I searched my computer and online photo archives and most of what I found should probably not be posted on the Interwebs. Also, I'm grateful that our college shenanigans were mostly captured on actual film and not iPhones, and not immediately posted to Facebook. Early 2000s FOR THE WIN! I found an especially adorable one of us checking each other's teeth before the actual roommate photo was taken. I'll spare you.

We didn't know each other well when we moved in together our first semester in the sorority house, but it was really a match made in heaven. We weren't always inseparable best friends, but I couldn't have found a roommate I enjoyed more or got along better with. We have a million or so inside jokes, which I can assure you comprise the most hilarious stories, one-liners, photos and random ridiculous memories you've ever encountered.

RM stands near the top of several of my "one of the _____ people" lists: smartest, most hilarious, funnest. She is all those things and much more. She's respectful, curious, a great writer, a talented pianist, and she has mastered the art of comedic delivery and sarcasm better than anyone I know. She introduced me to Swedish Fish and Bruce Springsteen. She knows history, pop culture, song lyrics, geography. She's great fun to be around, whether we're sharing drinks or sitting around nursing babies. I just love her dearly. I want to wax eloquent for paragraph upon paragraph, but it's my bedtime and I'll no doubt be awoken early, as will she. I am sure she'd understand!

Here we are looking #adorbs at her bachelorette party way back in the day.
She didn't even judge me for not changing out that awful light fixture. 
I've linked to her blog, Little Brick Houses for You and Me over in my favorite blog list, too.


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